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We are currently working on a New Standalone Site.  However here is some quick information that may be useful to you:

Client Acquisition Program

I help business owners hone in on what distinguishes them from their competition.

Each business that I’ve worked with has had their own unique superpower.

Once we discover that, we use that theme to develop creative video assets for their brand.

Then using the RIGHT targeting, and the RIGHT ad campaigns, we create brand awareness and reach.

Facebook Ad Marketing is all the rage, but many owners can spend thousands of dollars are the wrong targeting, or wrong campaign or even worse, the wrong focus.

Using focused video in facebook ads is the most cost-effective approach to getting more bang for your buck. But it isn’t as simple as just running an ad.

You need someone to weave everything together, so that the consumer is drawn in. – That’s what I do…

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Specialized Consulting

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